Indi&Cold Fashion Film Bordeaux

Fall Winter 013/14 from jose luis villar on Vimeo.

Here is a little sneak peak into next season’s Indi&Cold’s movie, filmed in Bordeaux during the photo shoot for their catalogue.
We decided on a vintage theme and filmed it using Super 8 film and Kodak TRI-X. Nowadays it is very easy to achieve an analogue looking film thanks to digital technology, but we think that it is much better to do the real thing. We opted for a white and black look in order to make the video look much more wintery and reduce the presence of the sun’s rays, as the we shot at the beginning of summer.
Do you like it?


We used two cameras for filming: BEAULIEU 4008 ZM2 and CANON 1014 XLS, both of which are over 30 years old but continue to be the best choice to use Super 8 with. The film was developed in Germany’s Andec laboratory and post production was done in ‘Ocho y pico’ in Madrid, because they are the best at scanning small sized formats.

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